7th International Academic Macro Thematic Conference: Paris 2018

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December 27-28, 2018

Espaces Vocation

92 rue Saint Lazare, 75009 Paris

International Journal of Financial Studies: Special Issue "Macrothematic investing and global macro strategies: theory and evidence"

conference Topics

  • Macro-thematic investing

    Macro-thematic investing strategy based on the global mega-trends. For example, how to invest in the electric vehicle theme - automakers, battery-makers, or lithium miners? Discussion of all other opportunities. Performance of macro-thematic funds.

  • Global-macro analysis

    What are the longer-term effects of these global mega-trends on a global-macro environment? Deflationary vs inflationary  scenarios. Synchronized vs unsynchronized global growth. Can the US Dollar maintain the global reserve currency status?

  • Policy challenges

    Monetary policy challenges, fiscal policy challenges, and the foreign policy challenges. How to coordinate  monetary and fiscal policy. Synchronized global policy response vs. unsynchronized? What is the future of globalization?

  • Adaptive business strategy

    How can businesses adapt their strategic planning to take advantage of  these global mega trends? What are the effects on manufacturing and global supply chain management, marketing, and human resources.

  •  Mega-trend specific topics in M-T-S

    What are the effects of these global mega tends on the specific topics related to: health and medicine, technology and innovation, and applied sciences. How to deal with the automation in these areas? Advantages vs disadvantages.

  • Sustainability

    Discussion on comparative economic systems with the focus on a broader sustainability: GDP growth imperative, sustainable development, steady-state economy, or degrowth?

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